What We Do

“What needs to be improved at our company?” When corporate stakeholders are asked this question, the single most popular response is “Communication.”

Why is communication always problematic? Because many companies don’t give communication — or communication systems — much thought. Usually, communication issues arise at companies because the right messages aren’t being received by the right people at the right time. Even worse, the messages aren’t even disseminated at all. Is it any wonder, then, that employees and customers don’t understand where the company is headed? What it’s going to take for the organization to be successful down the road?

At Schaffner Communications, we ensure that companies don’t fall into this trap.
We help our clients communicate — effectively and efficiently.

The bottom line is that effective communication:

• Improves customer satisfaction and retention

• Improves employee productivity and morale

• Helps define, support and strengthen a corporate culture

• Is strategic and aligned with business issues

• Helps prevent business disruptions and other internal disputes

• Positions a company for success within the market(s) that it operates

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