Who We Are

Schaffner Communications, Inc. is an award-winning consulting firm that provides strategic counsel and professional services to business organizations in the area of corporate communications. The company specializes in building and maintaining effective communication systems that deliver important and timely messages to key corporate audiences consistently, effectively and efficiently.

The firm was established in 1986 by Thomas P. Schaffner, a trained journalist and experienced communicator who felt that many U.S. corporations would be better served if they ran their
communications’ functions in a fashion similar to the way newspapers gather and report news. Schaffner’s experience was that most U.S. companies did not employ professional writers or communicators who knew how to make messages resonate with customers, employees, consumers, shareholders, suppliers and opinion leaders. As a result, communication to these key audiences was insufficient and ineffective, and this generally led to larger and more serious issues within or outside of the organization.

Schaffner Communications solves this problem by helping companies communicate efficiently and effectively. Depending on the needs of the client, this is achieved in the following ways:

……….• Consulting services that help companies establish and/or strengthen existing
………….corporate communication systems

……….• Professional communication services provided directly to companies by
………….Schaffner Communications on either a project basis or full-time outsource