The Art of Communication

Schaffner Communications, Inc. is an award-winning consulting firm that provides strategic counsel and professional services to business organizations in the area of corporate communications. The firm specializes in building and maintaining effective communication systems that deliver messages to key audiences (customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders, opinion leaders) consistently, effectively and efficiently.

Effective corporate communication is very much like fine art — it is meticulously crafted, exquisite in detail and glorious to behold when it is executed successfully. It provokes thought, fires imaginations and stimulates action. It is art in the fullest sense of the word.

A masterpiece, however, is never created overnight. It is crafted slowly, over time, with the artist taking great care to ensure that each and every one of the compositional elements are mixed perfectly, mixed precisely in order to achieve maximum impact upon delivery of the finished work to the end user (or users).

Many notes and instruments are available to the musician, a wide array of colors, brushes and application techniques are available to the painter. While communicators rely on words, pictures and sounds, effective communication is entirely dependent on the right mix of these five key elements — creativity, engagement, clarity, empathy and timing.

Striking the right balance of these elements is what ensures that communication at your organization is effective and efficient — this is the art of communication.